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On April 1, 2020, The Neighbourhood Group welcomed St. Stephen’s Community House to the family

The Neighbourhood Group brings together St. Stephen’s Community House, Neighbourhood Link Support Services and Central Neighbourhood House, three vital organizations with combined experience of over 200 years of building community.

No stranger to mergers, The Neighbourhood Group amalgamated Central Neighbourhood House and Neighbourhood Link in 2014. That experience ensures a smooth transition today for St. Stephen’s.

As The Neighbourhood Group, we create greater opportunities to improve and enhance people’s lives and the communities in which they live. Each year, we will help over 50,000 neighbours by providing more than 100 diverse services and programs from 30 locations across Toronto. And we share the same vision: to serve the public good, engage the community and achieve positive social change. The merger helps achieve that vision through three far-reaching yet simple benefits: pooled expertise, reduced costs through shared expenses and a greater voice to better advocate for vulnerable people in our community.

For the people we serve, the future is brighter because we are stronger together.

Central Neighbourhood House

In 1911, Central Neighbourhood House was founded in response to the appalling living conditions of newcomers to Canada living in downtown Toronto. Inadequate housing, poverty and lack of city services like sewers, water and medical care combined to create an environment of despair. The second oldest settlement house in Toronto, Central Neighbourhood House was established on the principle that if you want to improve the conditions of people living in poverty, you have to live and work with them as neighbours. For 109 years, CNH has done just that; working with people in an environment of respect to improve quality of life on every level.

Toronto Homemaking Services

Toronto Homemaking Service was a joint venture of Central Neighbourhood House, Senior Link and WoodGreen Community Services. This partnership was formed to provide a greater foundation for community-based personal support services operating with the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre. In 2010, the Toronto Homemaking Service merged with Central Neighbourhood House to improve access to wraparound services and streamline the entire program. Today, our Personal Support Worker (PSW) has more than 200 staff.

Neighbourhood Link Support Services

In 1975, residents of Toronto’s east end decided that it was time to take action against the isolation of many of Toronto’s seniors. They shared a passion and compassion for their senior neighbours in need and felt their personal touch would be more effective than other available alternatives. Neighbourhood Link Support Services has always centered on the originating principle: that people sometimes need practical support to be able to choose to live independently and with dignity in their community. The programs and services have expanded over the years to support newcomers, youth and the marginally housed.

Neighbourhood Link Homes

Founded in 1984, Neighbourhood Link Homes operates five non-profit housing projects in east Toronto. These supportive housing units accommodate the special needs of seniors who are either unable to live on their own or who are no longer able to manage in their family home. Neighbourhood Link Homes connects seniors living in the unit to the essential services offered by The Neighbourhood Group.

True Davidson Meals on Wheels

The True Davidson Meals on Wheels program was founded in East Toronto in 1973. Named after Gertrude “True” Davidson, the first mayor of East York, the program began with three weekly deliveries. but quickly doubled to reflect the need of the community. Over the years, the menu has changed to reflect the diversity of the residents who live in the East York community. In May 2014, True Davidson merged with Neighbourhood Link.

St. Stephen’s Community House

St. Stephen’s Community House was started by the Anglican Diocese in 1962 as a settlement house providing community services, primarily to youth. In 1964, St. Stephen’s added English classes for new immigrants, along with counselling, and job placement services. On May 24, 1974, St. Stephen’s became an independent, non-denominational, incorporated not-for-profit charitable organization, and a United Way Greater Toronto anchor agency. Today the agency addresses the most pressing issues in our community: hunger, homelessness, unemployment, isolation, conflict, violence, substance use, youth alienation and integration of immigrants.

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