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Supportive Housing

“It felt right.”

Jean gained safety and security at the Jean Dudley House seniors’ residence

“I was very lonely living on my own. I often thought about moving but wasn’t sure how to go about it or when was the right time. When I broke my hip and was recovering at Michael Garron Hospital, I shared my worries with the staff about living alone. The coordinator referred me to The Neighbourhood Group. They spoke to my daughter and I about Jean Dudley House.

With ten bedrooms and shared living space, Jean Dudley House is well suited for seniors who are unable to fully manage living independently. Staff are available around the clock at the accessible site and provide personal care and nutritious home-cooked meals. And with a wide array of stimulating recreational activities, residents maintain their physical and mental health while being part of the community.

“I had a very good feeling when I came for a tour. I remember sitting in the backyard, waiting to be picked up by Wheel Trans, when I had a peaceful feeling come over me. It felt right. After moving in, I had all the support I needed. My daughter was happy to know that staff would be there looking after me.”

“I’ve gotten to know the other people here. I feel better because I’m safe and secure at Jean Dudley House. Staff help me with my meals, laundry, cleaning and personal care. They’re always around if something happens. It’s a great comfort to me.”

24 Hours

24-hour on-site support at our accessible Jean Dudley House helps seniors maintain their independence and dignity

Personal Support Worker Program

Caring for seniors

Gini’s Personal Support Worker makes her feel safe and secure

It’s a story we see too often. Growing old without the support of family and friends, and trying to live on minimal income. Just ask Gini.

“Life was challenging. I was living in a dirty building that was infested with bugs, and I recently gave up my driver’s license because I need a walker. There wasn’t anyone to help me get around or clean my apartment.” That changed when Gini came to our office and asked for assistance with a housing subsidy.

“Staff were my lifeline to connect me to the amazing 11 Coatsworth building. It’s clean and safe and I feel comfortable living here. I was given a case worker who I rely on. She’s great to talk to and helped me with an application for Wheel-Trans, and found Personal Support Workers who care for me.”

Personal Support Workers are the key for seniors and adults with illness or disability to live safely and with dignity in their own homes. Workers help people with essential services – bathing, shopping, cooking, toileting, cleaning and medication monitoring.

“Life is hard now with COVID but I am grateful for the staff support. They’ve been very creative with balcony activities such as exercise classes and bingo. I am thankful for feeling safe and clean - and so well cared for by all.”


visits by Personal Support Workers each year help seniors feel safe and secure knowing that help is always available

Stroke Survivors

Focus on the ability, not the disability

Wendy improved her physical and mental health through Stroke Survivors

Suffering a stroke causes major trauma, and physical rehabilitation is only part of the solution. Helping people emotionally is just as important. And our Stroke Survivors Club does just that. Instead of focusing on what people can’t do, the Club offers activities that improve physical and mental health while fostering a sense of community. Wendy knows this first-hand:

“I was experiencing balance and mobility issues. A social worker at Bridgepoint Health suggested the Together in Movement and Exercise (TIME) program at The Neighbourhood Group. Most of the other people in TIME were also part of the Stroke Survivors Club. One day, they suggested I stay for lunch and the afternoon activities. Everyone was so friendly and caring, I asked to join.”

“At first, I was only going one day a week. Pretty soon it was two days. Now I’m looking at a third. I really enjoy the trivia quizzes. We have great conversations, and lots of laughs!”

“I realized that before I joined, I was bored at home and lonely too. I’ve made some great friends, some I connect with outside the Club. I have so much fun at Stroke Survivors. I’d recommend it to anyone!”


Stoke Survivors is the only Adult Day Program in Toronto exclusively for stroke survivors

Meals on Wheels

Bridging Lake Ontario

Helena maintains her independence and a healthy diet thanks to Meals on Wheels

“I live close to a major intersection but when it comes time to go grocery shopping, the physical distance feels as wide as Lake Ontario due to my impaired mobility and vision.”

For people who are ill or disabled, and seniors like Helena, Meals on Wheels is essential. The service allows people to maintain their independence and live in their own homes. Delivered six days a week, meals accommodate people’s special diets, including those with diabetes, compromised kidneys and heart disease.

For many people, contact with volunteers is their only social interaction during the day. At each visit, volunteers spend a few minutes to ensure that everyone is well, and inform staff if additional help is needed.

During COVID-19, the service is even more vital for Helena. “This is the first time since I began receiving Meals on Wheels nearly a decade ago, that I truly feel helpless from the isolation. Meals on Wheels provides not only meals. It provides hope.”

Women standing in a room


nutritious meals delivered allows seniors and adults who are ill or disabled to live independently

Seniors’ Painting Class

Art feeds the soul

Yang Yu gained confidence and a sense of belonging in our Seniors’ painting class

Yang Yu felt isolated when she came to Canada.

“I didn’t feel good about myself. A friend was already doing some of the seniors’ programs at the Senior’s Activity Centre…dancing, the community kitchen and WeChats. I decided to try a painting class with my friend. I found that the staff at the Centre have a variety of things to do so everyone can find something interesting.”

“Our painting teacher is very professional and teaches us very well, I think because she’s a senior, like us. She understands us, and teaches us according to our individual strengths.” As an artist herself, the teacher is able to use her skills and experience to motivate the class and bring out their talent. For seniors who have never painted before, their joy and sense of accomplishment encourages the teacher, and themselves.

With that encouragement, Yang sought help from our Client Intervention and Assistance service for help with government services. Today she feels like part of the community. And she’s transferred some of her colour-matching skills to her wardrobe. Her improved dress-sense boosted her self-confidence even more. “I appreciate everything from the classes, and the emotional support I get from the Senior’s staff. I know that I’m not alone and I can always turn to the staff at the Centre for help.”


seniors improved their mental and physical health through our recreational programs, supportive housing, nutritious meals, transportation and personal care

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